Great Food, Free Coffee and Fun at Work? Only at Yahoo!

Which army feeds on 39,000 slices of pizza, 80,000 of cookies and 36,000 kg of chicken yearly? It’s the men and women of Yahoo at its main campus in Sunnyvale, California.

Despite being the talk of the town with Microsoft’s bid for all of Yahoo, the Yahoo staff make sure they get enough fuel to continue with their daily work.

At the main URL’s (pronounced Earls) cafe, chief chef Bob Hart cooks some mean but healthy meals daily. The spacious cafe, which seats over 500, serves more than 6,000 meals a day to over 90% of the staff.

This is Silicon Vally style, where tech companies like search engine giants Yahoo and Google ensure staff are always well fed and in tip-top form. And for Bob, keeping everything green and healthy is key. Salads are packed in some corn syrup extract that looks like plastic but is 100% bio-degradable.

Vegetarian options are available daily. There is a free-range, organic and grass-fed meat. Only chicken and turkey produced without the use of antibiotics are purchased and all the hamburgers are made from “natural” no-antibiotic meat. Even the eggs come from “happy” free-range chickens.

Good food keeps the staff happy but nobody should be denied by the most important fuel for thought – coffee. Each building on campus lies the head honcho world-cup coffee which has a coffee bar called Bean Trees that serves approximately 3,000 free coffee drinks to Yahoo! employees daily. Lattes, mochas, cappuccinos – staff can have as many as they like!

All play and work makes Jack a dull boy. So the campus has a huge gym and fitness center that never sleeps. Open round the clock, the gym is used by over 250 Yahoo staff daily. It offers yoga, piltates, massage, personal training and many more. Each building also has a mini-recreation room complete with table soccer machines and pool tables.

Lights, camera, action. There is a media room which is fully equipped with cutting-edge broadcasting equipment that sends video feeds direct to major broadcasters in America. With this facility, Yahoo CEO, Jerry Yang does not need to travel far to do a national television broadcast!

Looks like work, play and good food are all part of the daily life at Sunnyvale.