The Power Of Free For Your Email Marketing Campaign

Never mind the “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” paradigm of Milton Friedman, give your audience something free to help you get something from them. Don’t underestimate the power of free for your email marketing campaign. It is much easier to get someone to sign up for something if they are getting something in return. You can offer a complimentary guide, document, or video – basically whatever you can make quickly and easily in return for another name to your list.  If you offer something for free, you will offer get something back.

In the case of affiliate marketing, you can start an email marketing campaign with a form that says something like “receive your FREE training guide”, and have the person fill out a form using his or her name and email address. It is much easier to get someone to give up their information in exchange for something. Plainly asking for a name and email for the ubiquitous newsletter does not work as well. Immediately make it known that your viewer will get something.

People love free stuff.  Use the power of free for your email marketing campaign. I remember my first week in college: Each and every student organization and group on campus could not say the word “free” enough: free food, free pizza, free entertainment, etc., etc. It is such a simple word that carries so much power that you must use it to your advantage. What about a baseball game? Sign up for a credit card (that you may or may not actually activate, but the credit card company will be happy to oblige if would want to), and get a free towel! The credit card companies are not giving away free towels for their entertainment – they want you to sign up and activate a new credit card.

It also looks good for the new viewer to your blog that you are giving something away for free (in exchange for the email address, of course). It makes your website and online business look more polished if you offer something to the public at large. Offering a newsletter is one of those things that makes your business look like something has really put a concerted effort into running it.

I recommend everyone go out and start an email marketing campaign. Perhaps you want to wait to get a little more traffic, or wait until your affiliate marketing campaign can pay for the campaign, but everyone needs to utilize email marketing to really make money. And how to get people to sign up? Remember the power of free.